The Rock Stars

Rock Star Rookies and the Lovable Groupie: One Story – Multiple Bands – Part I

As I continued, I found myself asking the question – How do I connect multiple encounters with the same type of men who have more in common than me? How do I connect the men who can be grouped together not only because they share the same attributes, the same fire, the same passion, the same (dare I say), occupation, but because my time with them was so eerily similar?

In short, How do I write ONE story about all the rock stars that I dated when I could theoretical make more than one band?

That’s My Tribe – Rock Star Rookies and the Lovable Groupie – Part II

You formed a tribe based on a common interest with another person or with other people.

In my experience, I’ve found that those who are more “tribal” than others are those who have a greater love for their interest than those who do not.

While some may do what they like to do when they have a free minute, in many cases those who consider themselves “tribal” have instead integrated this interest into their lives so much so that its become a apart of them.

Musical and creative people are especially “Tribal”

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