He Found the Blog: When the Guy You’re Dating Finds Out You QUIT Dating – Pt. 1

He knew a blog existed that I was not ready to share.

…or rather….he knew a blog existed that I wrote about dating on, but he didn’t know that the concept was centered around the fact that I QUIT it.

For some reason, it didn’t really come up, nor did I have an opening where I could effortlessly segue into…”Interesting you say that, I actually own iquitdating.com.”

I knew at some point – if this thing was still a thing – I was going to have to lay out my cards and fess up to the things that I chose to publicly write about (albeit anonymously).

Yet in between the anguish that was sitting in between this guy and this blog, there was a part of me that didn’t think I had to unravel my dating history after a few dates. In this case – I let it go and added it to the list of “things I need to talk to M* about LATER”….much later.

As it turns out, “later” was way earlier than anticipated.

M* is incredibly bright in a SoCal beach meets Silicon Valley nerd kind of way and is here in NY building something in the tech space that has the ability to shake the world in which he inhabits. As a dreamer in my own right, I believe in him, his vision and as the person he’s dating, I try to encourage him and his projects as much as I can.

So when he released a beta for the project that he’s currently working on – of course I would sign up for it in support and solidarity. Yes! I want to be in your beta group! Yes! I want to try out your cool, app-y, thingie!

After entering my email I received a “Thank you for signing up”screen that also informed me that I was 346 on the invite list (I expect to be moved up). In return, he received my Klout score, as well as ALL the internet properties that I own……..like this website.


Danger Ahead NY: Expect the Unexpected

NY is a dangerous place.

Yet when I say “dangerous,” I’m not talking about the crime or the unsavory that lurks at every corner, because quite honestly, gentrification stole that bite long ago.

I’m instead talking about the concept – “to expect the unexpected” as it applies to New York, where we all live and/or work on a small island with 8 million of our closest friends.

It’s a popular concept. We’ve all said it, thought it, or felt it whenever we’ve encountered something out of the ordinary (always something good, because when something bad happens, we instead modified this concept into the questions of, “What are the chances that something like this would happen?”) and of course one of the more popular variations that someone like me encounters on a regular basis comes in the form of, “It will happen when you least expect it.”

And all that may be true.

I’ve certainly experienced it.

But in NY, when it’s positively possible to closely encounter seemingly hundreds of strangers on a daily basis, do our chances of encountering the “unexpected” increase?

Do we increase our chances of “being” against the grain of the mundane simply because we as New Yorkers are around more people who are?

I’ve thought about this recently as I celebrated my first anniversary in the city.

I’ve thought about the people I’ve met and the new friends I’ve made – All creative, incredibly smart youths draw here as they look to make change – who I would not have met otherwise – who have challenged me in so many ways with their passion, drive and hope?!

These unexpected people who are truthfully in a class of  driven youths who run the big apple, most often not with money, but with dreams and ambition. And I’ve found that the more time I spend with this group of passionate(s?), all open to talking about their projects and ideas, the more likely something or someone interesting and unexpected can happen.

And sometimes you’ll meet someone unexpected and interesting through someone unexpected and interesting who happens to be…………

from Los Angeles??!!!!!!!!!!!!