What I’ve Learned About Life From Being Alone

Chasing Fate: Running the Race and Away From You

Sometimes we find ourselves chasing an idea, or a future that we so desperately want in the form of a person that is likely not right for us, or even worse, we find ourselves chasing the IDEA of “Happily Ever After” that we’ve envisioned and dreamed of for ourselves.


To Everything There is A Season: I’ve Had My Turn 

I’m often asked,

“Don’t you get jealous?”

“Don’t you want what others have?”

“Don’t you want to be like that couple walking down the street hand in hand?

“Don’t you want to be like THEM?”

With that I say, “I’ve had my season. I’ve had my turn….”


Disney’s Happily Ever After: The Modern Story of the Missing Prince

Cinderella, Ariel, Belle….All damsels in distress who were eventually swooped up by their princes.

It happened to them. Of course it will happen to me too!

But what if these stories don’t end the way we thought they did?


The Art of Dating Yourself 

Dating? Relationships? Why would I encourage people to take advice about such subjects from a girl like me who is blogging at a link like this?

Don’t worry, I wouldn’t either.

I’ve instead taken the stance that this particular blog about dating and relationships is a place where I share my stories about what I learned about myself after loving and losing over the years in the form of stories that are true, or at least as true as I remember them. I’ve also done my best to remain as biased as I can be despite this being MY BLOG.

In saying that, what I hope happens is for my readers to gain whatever insight, lessons or tough love that they can gather ON THEIR OWN from some of the mistakes I might have made without feeling like it’s being pressed on.

I’m only telling a story.

Pulling the Plug on Facebook

I love you.

I love celebrating your life and all it has become.

The boyfriends, the engagements, the weddings and the babies – all those big moments in your life where you shared photos of first dances, honeymoons, baby’s first bath, and baby’s first nap.

I celebrated you and your life moments via likes, cheers and comments, while sharing via #____baby and #____wedding.

But somewhere a long the line I had my own life moments.

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