He Loves Me Anyway…..

It’s hard to put into words the impact that this person I met…this person who found out about my blog, but who loves me anyway has had on my life. 

Many have said, ‘I told you so’ and many think they’ve proved me wrong. 

Oh look….the girl who owns iquitdating.com fell in love! 

But with all that self-righteousness, I have to ask – Would I have arrived at this place without this blog serving as my own self-prescribed therapy? Would I have met this person had I not quit dating for while? 

I don’t think I would have which is why I think there’s still a place for this blog in my current life in hopes of maybe inspiring others (particularly those over 30) to pull the plug on dating for awhile. 

If I have any readers left, what do you think I should do with this space? 

I Like You, But I Like Me More – III

I wanted to say, “Yes!”

I wanted to say, “Of course I want to hang out with you in the middle of all that is going on in my life!”

“Of course I want to make that happen!”

But alas, which is probably of no surprise to many, I couldn’t.

I couldn’t form the words and I couldn’t (or some say wouldn’t) find the time to hang out with this kind, normal block.

To that, people shook their heads and bent them in resignation.

The “people” being whomever is giving me dating advice at the current moment and believe me, there are many, many, many.

The “people” who think that I’ve never had a boyfriend… or a relationship… or much of anything. Sometimes they even compare me to Lady Gaga who was “born this way.”

“Just hang out with him,” they say, “Just hang out with him.”

And with that I ask, “Is a body better than no body?

Because isn’t that really what we were? We were a body, but neither one of us were somebody to any body.

We were insignificant others passing the time.

But what happens when we no longer have time fill? What happens when we start looking at our time and re-evaluating how we want to spend those valuable free minutes.

If you’re like me, you start asking yourself the question – “Do I want to spend those valuable free minutes being a body to a nobody simply because we need somebody?”

Probably not.

And I think that’s where I differ from many somebodies.

I would rather be alone than with someone who I know isn’t right for me, or with someone who I know I’m not the right person for simply because we need someone. Because as much as they aren’t somebody to me, I don’t want to be a nobody to them.

I didn’t want to be somebody’s nobody so I didn’t call.