Everybody Has A Story: Courage, Critics, Commenting and Commentating


It takes tremendous courage to tell your story.

The bad stories, the good stories, the good stories that turn out to be bad stories and the bad stories that end up being good ones – In whatever form these stories take, the one thing that always remains constant is the powerful display of courage that it takes to tell them, albeit publicly.

Will they like me? Will they read? Will they be nice to me? Will they judge me?

It takes courage to invite the answers to those questions that we as writers unintentionally ask whenever we post.

What will people say? Will they say anything? Will anyone care?

At first it doesn’t matter.

At first we tell stories for ourselves.

But sometimes people start listening.

Sometimes people listen because they can identify with what your saying.

Sometimes they see themselves in you and your stories.

And then sometimes something magical happens.

Sometimes they share their own stories and they say how THEY feel.

And YOU, yes YOU did have something to say.

You’ve shared your stories, you’ve cheered me on and you’ve inspired me personally as I have tried to do the same.

Comments about the men I’ve loved, the things I’ve learned and how we as people find love in this new world.

I’ve welcomed the “I disagrees” as well as the “I agrees,” because I found that the disagrees were in most cases disguised as tough love. Tough love that said,”Pull yourself together and move on.” That in itself holds truth. That in itself says, “You will overcome!”

I’m grateful for all of it.

I’m grateful that so many of you felt that you could share your stories, your comments, and your advice about love and life here on my blog.

I’m inspired by your courage and thankful for your kind words.

Words that are depicted in the word-cloud above.

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J is a happily single 30-something currently documenting her stories of love and loss. Her blog, “I Quit Dating” features excerpts of her journey as she reflects on the lessons learned from the men she loved. A complete collection of essays detailing her walk away from finding Mr. Right in order to pursue a more fulfilled life will be self-published next year. She recently moved from Los Angeles to New York. Contact: iquitdating (@) gmail.com

4 thoughts on “Everybody Has A Story: Courage, Critics, Commenting and Commentating”

  1. I would completely relate with this hun
    Great piece..
    Just followed your blog …hope you follow back and I get to sharing in your thoughts as you share in mine.. ‘Celonaiphyblog.com ‘


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